The weekend

The weather has been kind and wonderful the last few days. TH is still running fever. The antibiotics isn’t helping and so… it’s not bacteria infection.

His appetite isn’t good also. But the kid one is super good!

We were home most of them time. Kid and I will play outside.

I managed to clear the shoes cupboard(my old pax is converted to a shoes cupboard. Yes. We have a lot of shoes. Mainly me but TH and J are also catching up)

Finally donated my old shoes and TH. Over 10 years already. And my old timberlands. (Since uni) and I really don’t wear them anymore. They are all in good conditions.

Quickly put them in a big trash bag before I take them out again and put back into the shelves.

😬😬😬 I have problem when it comes to parting with things.

Then I cleared the drawers of “food” and “snacks” too.

Packed the low boards too.

Now it’s left with sorting no. 2 clothes.

Kid woke up at 650 AM. I was already awake and I thought he was dreaming because he asked for noodles the first thing when he opened his eyes and said “I am hungry” 😅

So we both went out to cook and soon TH was also woken up.

He wanted to have breakfast outside so after the kid is fed, we went out for breakfast.

No pictures because I left my phone at home. We came back around 11am because kid would surely nap earlier today. Which he did.

While he slept, I cooked chicken rice for dinner. Used the leftover chicken broth to make herbal soup.

Lazy and not sure what to cook.

Kid woke up. And he had his tea break which was last night’s chiffon cake. Then play outside again. Because I need to bring the bags of shoes and old clothes down into the car.

TH’s stomach was unwell so I bought yakult for him.

And at first J didn’t like the taste. After a second try he likes it. And it’s super funny to hear the both of them discussing how much each gets to drink.

Me: brought TH a bottle of yakult.

TH: drank slowly.

J: mama, my tummy also pain, can I drink?

Me: do u want a new bottle? (TH offered half of his)

J took the half. And asked for another one.

Gave him one.

TH asked him back for a sip.

TH: can have try? Just a little bit.

J: ok. Only a little bit.


(It probably won’t be funny when it’s homework)

And that ends our weekend!

How was yours ? Hopefully more exciting.


Healthier choice?

What’s healthier? Wholemeal? Organic? Erm… fresh from source?

A lot of all these “healthier choice” are man made. Lots of claim that it’s better for you. Etc etc.

is it true???

For the last few months, I have been strictly watching my food intake as well as diet due to gestation diabetes. So I’m more careful. I don’t snack. Like eat chips or binge when stress or sad. So maybe controlling diet is easier for me. No urge. No food.

Reducing carbs (or any direct “sugar” in general) so no white bread, no white rice, no noodles for example.

Then I even stop eating wholemeal bread because the glucose don’t get better.

Well, I don’t have much choices for breakfast. So I had plain yogurt with fruits. And it’s helps. Dietician asked me to inject more insulin and eat grains.

So I bought a pack of muesli. Read the packaging. It doesn’t contain extra sugar. Wholemeal. Totally healthy and taste not that good.

And with 4 units of insulin. My glucose level was 180. 😩😩😩 FML.

It is the same if I eat a pack of Korean ramen.

And without insulin, this 230g beef burger has a glucose value of 118. Which was surprising LOW. I was expecting my glucose level to be over 200.

Even though it has tomato ketchup and mayo which contains sugar. And that white burger bread.

So, you judge what’s healthier…

Be it overnights oats or maybe a banana muffin.

The muffin might not be unhealthy.

P.S. I’m not saying that eating a burger is healthier than muesli. Just don’t be deceive by what’s advertised. Eat moderately. Overeating or eating only one type of food is never good.

Experiment again…

We got home from school at around 1230pm. Pop him in the room where he is supposed to sleep so I can go make lunch for TH and me.

Soon he came out and said he can’t sleep because he is hungry!!!

Me: you ate lunch in school.

J: yes. But I’m hungry now.

Me: u had an ice cream before that too.

J: I’m hungry.

Me: I’m making soba noodles, u want?

J: is it the black noodles with soya sauce.

Me: yes.

J: ok.

(Went into the kitchen and cook)

He finished his first bowl and asked for more! And I went inside to cook again. And he finished it.

He ate half a punnet of raspberry while waiting for his noodles.

It already 2+pm. So I said if you are not tired, you don’t have to sleep.

He said he isn’t.

Ok. No nap today. 😩😩😩

Brought him out to run so he can sleep earlier. And so I can throw in his clothes to wash. And he wanted baby cino and he drank 2 cups too.

After that he was running up and down TH so I put him inside the bedroom and do some maze. So that TH can rest.

He decided to remove all the caps and replace them again. Ok.

Around 5. I need to cook so he can sleep earlier. Before he gets cranky and TH has no dinner.

Put him inside the kitchen and made him play with baking soda. Saw this “experiment” on IG. Busy toddlers

Or Monique I think.

Anyway, basically coloring in vinegar and baking soda.

The effect is super nice.

And since he knows how to get purple. He mixes it himself.

While he plays. I cooked.

Fried Spinat and steamed fish was on the menu tonight.

Finally kid is down!

And we all can rest. 😬

Me time?

I woke up earlier this morning to prepare breakfast for TH because I won’t be home till noon.

He is still unwell. So it was just porridge and Milo. I think my hospital service is not bad. 🤪🤪🤪

After dropping J at school, I went for my mid wife appointment.

And after that I went to get some pampering done. I have no idea why I wanted to get my nails done. I hesitated coz it’s not cheap and I did anyways.

Strangely I think I’m ok to spend the money on food than on nails. Is it weird?

Funny shop. I asked for mani and pedi. But they don’t have mani. Only painting the nails. But feet they do pedi.

P.S.: I’m not that fashionable. It’s that jeans nowadays are all torn and tattered. It wasn’t that bad when it came. It got worst everytime I wear it. And stupid jeans, not cheap at all.

I spent 1.5h inside. Was it relaxing? Nah! No idea why. It’s not my thing I guess.

My hands are not dainty or pretty. It’s full of burnt scars from cooking or ironing. Then cuts here and there.

Maybe that’s why. I had some time before picking J up so I went grocery shopping for the weekend.

So that was my ME before no. 2 comes.

AND I have pretty nails now. 😬😬😬😬😬


Took the whole week off but I’m still working because J was sick last week and I didn’t work much. Give and take. So no stress. 9.4.18 (monday) begins my “Mutterschutz” maternity leave.

Packing the house(useless because the kid will take everything out again), decluttering. TH asking me why my home office is so relaxing. I said: I’m on leave btw.

TH: When are u starting your maternity leave? Erm… Monday I replied.

TH: So fast.
Me: Yup.

You have 4 weeks to come up with a name.

Our school here is asking for clothing donation for Africa.

So instead of throwing the clothes into the collection boxes. I packed them into bags to give it as donation.

Mainly TH’s t- shirts. He used to wear those geeky stupid tee. Some shrank after washing. So instead of occupying the drawer, all are up for donations.

I haven’t start on mine yet. Because they are in the cellar. Threw those shorts that I won’t wear anymore in already. Auntie old Liao. Cannot wear hot pants.

Not sure what’s the faith of Dayre. So not writing much here.

And till today I have not received any download link from @blog . And wondering if I will ever get them actually.

Pregnancy stuffs?

People I met always asked if everything is ok.

What do you all answer normally?

I often replied yes. All good. And they seems disappointed.

I mean, I don’t expect my life to be easier with a second kid.

Some days back pain, some days leg pain. Normal stuffs.

Gestational Diabetes
Controlling well with insulin. Weight gain so far is less than 5kg. Which is too LOW apparently. I should gain 9kg till date.

I am not starving. Just eating horse food. Low carb high protein.

So dietician asked me to inject more insulin and eat more.

Baby normal weight so it didn’t really bothers me that I’m not gaining enough. Isn’t it? It’s not as if he is small.

During J’s time, I was bed resting in the hospital because J was too small. And this one isn’t.

Gain too much weight also stress. Too little also stress.

Change of season

Digging out the summery stuffs for J’s school. Need to buy new cap/ hats. His head gotten bigger. Poor boy. Told me that it’s tight.

Then realized that it’s not wise to buy clothes that are oversized too early even though it’s on sales. I bought some pants for J last year. They are too big. Now they are too short. Waste money.

And about keeping clothes for the 2nd kid? Different season so not sure how much he can rewear the stuffs from J because J is a winter baby.

Born Liao then decide what need to be restock.

Or else buy now later cannot fit also stupid.

So TIP for new mothers/ parents, don’t buy and stock.

It’s growth spurt or whatever, suddenly size 98/100 don’t fit anymore when they should be.

Hand me down. Good to have. J is kinda skinny so he can only wear pants/ jeans that has adjustable waist. Some don’t have so end up I have to buy more too.

Anyway as parents. We love shopping. So we will buy anyways. ☺️☺️☺️


I just called HR regarding maternity leave. Coz I have totally no idea what must be done already. So anyway she is informed that I’m on leave on Monday, so should be ok now. Part of the salary comes from the insurance company so I will just send her a copy of whatever I sent to the insurance company.

Other than that. TH is still in a lot of pain. He tried to drive yesterday. Still having fever. Probably the graft being attack.

Weather yesterday was awesome.

So we went to our nearby playground

And brought the digger along

He wanted to eat his muffin on the mountain. I was talking to a fellow mom somewhere else.

And a lady bug flew into his finger. A mini one.

He got excited of course.

Got home. Pop him inside the bathtub. While I cook dinner for him, TH and myself. And running in and out to check on him.

He had noodles, TH has porridge and I had Japanese curry.

All fed and done by 7pm. 🤗

So exhausted so I zonked out and woke up at 1030pm to inject insulin, measured glucose level and pee.

Post OP

It has been 9 days after TH’s knee surgery. And he has been having fever since tue after his check up.

After suffering for 2 days of fever(39C+) this stubborn guy finally decided to go and see the ortho again. So after I picked up J from the Kita. We drove down to the clinic. Drop him and park and went to look for him in the clinic.

Paid too much parking AGAIN.

Anyway, no signs of infection. The incisions are clean and closed.

Slightly warm.

Dr asked if he is unwell, like flu or so.

Took blood for test but it will be only collected tmr afternoon. And no way they can rush it so as prophylaxis, he is given antibiotics for the next few days.

So far, no signs of improvement. Still having fever. It should be pretty bad because he couldn’t eat. So made him milo instead.

Wondering if his body actually reject the graft that was inserted. Chances are low because the graft was a part of his knee.

Hopefully nothing serious.


Summer is coming. And it’s time for sunblock again. It’s a must for the Krippe that we put a bottle in school. And also apply in the morning before sending them.

Anyway child & baby sun blocks are sooooo expensive.

The only difference is probably no zinc or titanium oxide. And that you will look like geisha.

When J was a baby, weleda hasn’t produced any sunblock yet.

So I bought super overpriced ones from the pharmacy.

14€ – it’s lotion so not so thick. He didn’t really use one bottle within 12 months. So I used the rest. It’s not so geisha white.


This was recommended by a fellow mommy friend asked me to buy this from the organic shop. And I did.

Cream like so more white-ish.

After he was no longer a baby…. children products get cheaper.

And for the last summer, I found cheaper ones for children.


I like this because SAND really don’t stick. It is spray one. So very watery. Probably not good because of the aerosol / alcohol. No idea. No side effects. And also not so geisha white.

Weleda finally launched sunblock this year!!!


It is as thick as their normal face cream. The shit thing is if a geisha is using. She don’t even need an extra layer. That is how white it is. And it’s very thick and sticky. So I won’t buy this again. Sorry weleda.

Now I have to suffer and use it this summer. Sorry kid.

I have been using it because it’s pregnancy safe. TH asked why am I so pale. It’s the sunblock!

And during the maternity class. The ladies recommended this Swiss brand. Daylong. And I found it in the pharmacy yesterday while helping TH get his drugs. It’s pregnancy safe too. And baby safe. So I bought it without checking the price. Because the rest of the cream were around 15€ ish.

While paying. The bill came up to almost 50€. 😫😫😫 TH’s meds were 5€ each. Which means the cream is 30€+++.

My heart!!! Omg. And I’m too embarrassed to tell the cashier NO.

TH said: Wah your taste very good leh, u chose the MOST expensive cream on the whole shelf.

(Adding more salt in my wound)

The sunblock better be good and make sure that I don’t have freckles this summer.

I tried it this morning, very light. No scent. No geisha face. So it pass the test. Easy absorb. No sticky feeling.

#notsponsored not famous enough

Just my few cents of thoughts… 🙂

Follow up

I wanted to send the younger one to class but older one said he can take care. So we brought him along for the follow up.

Drove into the city center (illegally) to drop TH. He was in bad pain. Thus the ambulance service.

Then I went to park the car and brought J for breakfast.

I had Weißwurst, J had a free Brezel, half a donut with free baby cino. Then we went over to meet TH. It was super fast today. Usually the wait is at least 2h.

No infection. The bruising is normal. And the pain too. Nx tues, the dr will remove the staples.

I had a lot of parking hours left so let the kid play a bit more.

Collected the new (stronger) painkiller at the pharmacy. Need to come back at 2pm to collect another med.

Then we went to grocery. Left TH in the car.

Home, cooked. Work a bit while TH make sure kid finishes his lunch.

While the kid napped. We started to watch stranger thing.

Then I drove to collect TH’s med before the kid is awake.

TH started to have super high fever. Infection somewhere? No idea. He took the new painkiller than I gave him paracetamol. After maybe 1h+ the fever finally started to subside. Hopefully it’s just a one time thing.

According to dr google, a fever is possible. So let’s see how it goes tmr before I send him to the dr again.

Made him and kid chicken porridge for dinner. I can’t eat white rice so I had leftover BKT with brown rice. 😞😞😞

After dinner, the kid took this “shapes don’t bug me” set out and wanted to play.

Woohooo!!! Just 3 sets and he is done done.

I usually test him the shapes and color. Repeat mode.

While doing this caterpillar set, I can’t remember what I was saying. Explaining something about circle. Then kid corrected me and said: ” mama, this is a semi circle”.

☺️☺️☺️ oh yes. Semi circle I’m sorry.

Sometimes I really wonder if he understands. Sometime he seems to understand the concept. Like 1 rectangle and 2 smaller squares makes a big square.

I am not sure if it’s pure luck or just a good guess???

Let me test him again another day.

Easter Monday

The weather is wonderful. Finally a day of sunlight. Short lived but at least it feels really nice to see the sun.

Changed all the sheets at home. TH whined. It’s only the 4th day that he is outside.

Made the kid run outside. Drawing on the floor after breakfast. While I throw the sheets into the washing machine.

Then we had lunch, nap and after that I brought the kid out for ice cream. Bought a chocolate one for TH which was of course tax by kid.

When he got home he told him dad, I will share with you.

Spaghetti Eis. Basically just vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce and white chocolate.

It might be actually cheaper buying vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce. Ahah this just look like noodles.

Back home J told TH to help him pick up stuffs from the floor where he told kid that he can’t bend his knees.

Kid thought that he don’t know how to bend his knees. And told his dad. “Let me show you”

Showing his dad how to bend down.

😬😬😬 haha…

(Told TH, your son probably thinks that you are an idiot. How come don’t know how to bend the knees.)

Then they were role playing.

J asking TH for money to do grocery.

J: 15 thousand dollars

TH: what? How much?

J: 15 thousand dollars

TH: why is your food so expensive. (Telling me, I thought I heard wrongly)


TH: can you kiss me.

J: wait. I go brush my teeth and will come back to kiss you.

He likes using “but” now.


Made dinner, pop kid in the bath tub. Threw Sheets into the dryer. Dinner, get the kid to get ready for bed. Pick up laundry from dryer. Folded the laundry. Get kid to wash up.

1001 excuses from him. Thirsty. Then hopping around while I get him water.

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