Learning numbers with cars/car park

Since I’m on leave and I have finished cleaning the house (after my son complaint that the house is dirty), I started to Pinterest. And this car park post came to my feed.

Hah! I have boxes for it!!! And cars! J got a set of hot wheels from our friend in Fra. He is not (yet) a car person so I kept them away from him.

And I started to make him a car park.

The post if anyone is interested. I usually screen shot then KIV them for stay at home activities.

It was fun the first time…. then he quickly realized that he is supposed to learn from it. He finished it half heartedly and asked to do other things.

I will add some doors to it. And see how it goes… the next round.

TH commented: Wah your parking lot is very tight.

Me: yes, that’s why I don’t design parking lots. Hahaha.


Painting with straw

Another Pinterest idea. This homeschooling mom had a book about weather. And using the weather book to relate bad hair days. Windy…. so messy hair etc. pretty cute.

We have leftover colors so I asked him if he wants to do straw painting. (His porridge is not done yet)

Same tools:

Colors and straws of course.

This activity is good for concentration (I feel) and also focusing. Like he needs to understand that the movement of the paint is caused by blowing air into the straw. And how he moves the straw will get different lines.

Left right. Up down… all depends on how he blows it.

After a while. It gets tiring for him I think and he started painting it with the straw itself.

A very good bad weather activity.

The milk experiment

Couldn’t sleep last night so I started Pinterest-ing again for activities for the kid.

He is in this explorers phase where he enjoys color mixing. Or rather he enjoys playing with water basically.

Which I am ok with it because I really prefer water mess than sand mess.

I drawn the blinds so that he don’t wakes up at 6am. Since I cannot sleep so maybe I need that extra 10 mins. And indeed he managed to sleep till 8am.

The first thing he did was ” I want to do experiment”. Which actually sounds better than “mama. i want to watch iPad”

I washed up and then took all the tools for the milk experiment for him.

A palette where he squeezes the colors himself. A pro by now. I still uses food coloring because I haven’t replace finger paint which we used up for painting his car.

Tools: colors, soapy water, a dish with soap.

I have not done this experiment before so I was also curious on what will happen. Like soap is supposed to “catch” the fats from the milk etc. no idea. But the marbling is really pretty thou.


after – I think we did it wrongly. Anyway, When he added the soapy water, the color suddenly appears again. (Top left) not sure if that’s what we should observed.

The explanation: change of surface tension. Soap absorbs the fats of the milk.

I think we shall repeat it again. Need to read up again.

Source: Pinterest simply type milk experiment


Experiment repeated.

The milk is being repel away. Like “magic force” pushed away. Due to Surface tension.

Quite fun.

Experiment again…

We got home from school at around 1230pm. Pop him in the room where he is supposed to sleep so I can go make lunch for TH and me.

Soon he came out and said he can’t sleep because he is hungry!!!

Me: you ate lunch in school.

J: yes. But I’m hungry now.

Me: u had an ice cream before that too.

J: I’m hungry.

Me: I’m making soba noodles, u want?

J: is it the black noodles with soya sauce.

Me: yes.

J: ok.

(Went into the kitchen and cook)

He finished his first bowl and asked for more! And I went inside to cook again. And he finished it.

He ate half a punnet of raspberry while waiting for his noodles.

It already 2+pm. So I said if you are not tired, you don’t have to sleep.

He said he isn’t.

Ok. No nap today. 😩😩😩

Brought him out to run so he can sleep earlier. And so I can throw in his clothes to wash. And he wanted baby cino and he drank 2 cups too.

After that he was running up and down TH so I put him inside the bedroom and do some maze. So that TH can rest.

He decided to remove all the caps and replace them again. Ok.

Around 5. I need to cook so he can sleep earlier. Before he gets cranky and TH has no dinner.

Put him inside the kitchen and made him play with baking soda. Saw this “experiment” on IG. Busy toddlers

Or Monique I think.

Anyway, basically coloring in vinegar and baking soda.

The effect is super nice.

And since he knows how to get purple. He mixes it himself.

While he plays. I cooked.

Fried Spinat and steamed fish was on the menu tonight.

Finally kid is down!

And we all can rest. 😬

Follow up

I wanted to send the younger one to class but older one said he can take care. So we brought him along for the follow up.

Drove into the city center (illegally) to drop TH. He was in bad pain. Thus the ambulance service.

Then I went to park the car and brought J for breakfast.

I had Weißwurst, J had a free Brezel, half a donut with free baby cino. Then we went over to meet TH. It was super fast today. Usually the wait is at least 2h.

No infection. The bruising is normal. And the pain too. Nx tues, the dr will remove the staples.

I had a lot of parking hours left so let the kid play a bit more.

Collected the new (stronger) painkiller at the pharmacy. Need to come back at 2pm to collect another med.

Then we went to grocery. Left TH in the car.

Home, cooked. Work a bit while TH make sure kid finishes his lunch.

While the kid napped. We started to watch stranger thing.

Then I drove to collect TH’s med before the kid is awake.

TH started to have super high fever. Infection somewhere? No idea. He took the new painkiller than I gave him paracetamol. After maybe 1h+ the fever finally started to subside. Hopefully it’s just a one time thing.

According to dr google, a fever is possible. So let’s see how it goes tmr before I send him to the dr again.

Made him and kid chicken porridge for dinner. I can’t eat white rice so I had leftover BKT with brown rice. 😞😞😞

After dinner, the kid took this “shapes don’t bug me” set out and wanted to play.

Woohooo!!! Just 3 sets and he is done done.

I usually test him the shapes and color. Repeat mode.

While doing this caterpillar set, I can’t remember what I was saying. Explaining something about circle. Then kid corrected me and said: ” mama, this is a semi circle”.

☺️☺️☺️ oh yes. Semi circle I’m sorry.

Sometimes I really wonder if he understands. Sometime he seems to understand the concept. Like 1 rectangle and 2 smaller squares makes a big square.

I am not sure if it’s pure luck or just a good guess???

Let me test him again another day.

A raining day

Easter Sunday as it’s called here was cold, grey and gloomy. It hailed too for good 15 mins.

Me, the easter bunny as my son calls me woke up alone, screaming like someone murdered him while I was in the kitchen.

Carried him out. He was still upset to be alone in bed. Then after a while. He started looking for the eggs around the living room.

He had fun.

Luckily, I did not buy more. Because he don’t eat them. He opened a chocolate egg and try and then left the rest with TH.

Good that I have GD or else I would have tried them too.

Breakfast was banana muffin and fruits. Then he wanted to watch tv with his dad in bed.

Some Sunday cartoon on tv.

While I prepare lunch. Because kid woke up early so TH said we should eat earlier so he can nap earlier. Laksa! Comfort food!

End up napping at 12 sharp. He woke up at 3pm. Tea break then some play and “work” ( coloring, mazes, numbers)

Made TH do counting with him. After that his leg started to hurt. No injection today as well. The bruises are now yellowish. Less blue black today too.

One more day then follow up with the ortho and sees what he says.

And I did laundry, descale the water dispenser and coffee machine too and pack one low board.


We aren’t any Christian. But since we are living here. I thought that I might be good to read about easter, explain to J about it.

Every year during this time, I would borrow something about it and read to him.

This year it is more challenging because he is able to understand more and ask more question.

After breakfast, I left the boys at home while I went to get more food for the long weekend.

Told J to take care of TH and call me if there is anything. They started fixing another marble run track.

And finally I remembered to buy shaving cream. So we had some experiment again.

It’s called raining cloud or something like that. When you can’t sleep after 3am, you have a lot of time to Pinterest.

Left over coloring from the rainbow cake. I set up the experiment for him. Thou, it’s not really an experiment.

But he had fun while I cooked lunch.

it’s pretty though…he calls it Sahne…. (whipped cream)

After lunch was nap time and after that we made banana muffin. Requested by him.

I ran out to buy mashmellow because kid wanted to go camping. And we had to postpone it till TH is more mobile. Hopefully in another 2 weeks.

So we decided to grilled mashmellow at home. And instead of setting up the grill. TH made one from a tin.

he said I have never camp before. And asked if I wanted to cook noodles with it. I said I used Bunsen burner… not so primitive.

I can’t eat. So I just look at them play.

Kid said grilled mashmellow tasted like ice cream. He prefers the uncooked one.






DISTURBING IMAGES COMING UP!!!! Not for faint heart.






The last 2 nights, I have been injecting this prevent blood clotting solution for TH.

And after reading the inside packing, this is one of the side effects. Bruising and blue black.

So serious.

It’s not painful he said. The wound is. So tonight we stop one dosage. I gave him ice pack. He kept complaining pain and nothing I can do much.

More easter activity…. printed already so don’t waste. Made him do it after tea break.

Not an artist… who cares… as long as he sit down and do something quietly. 🙂 for like 5 mins.

I also reluctantly bought a pack of easter chocolate eggs to make egg hunt for him tomorrow.

Why? Because everyone has been giving him chocolate eggs and chocolate. Thus I didn’t want to give him more. Bought it last minute so that he can have some fun too.

He is very excited about it too. And got him to sleep earlier or else the chocolates will disappear.

Finishing the eggs work

A few weeks ago I started to collect egg shells for this cute thing I saw on Pinterest. Blogged about the life cycle of the plant/ seed.

This is probably the part B. The beautifying part. I didn’t buy catnip. Just used what I have at home. Housewife is like that. 😩

And I also don’t own any egg stand. I improvised and made some with the toilet rolls I collected.

I purposely cut them in various height.

Small to big- short to tallest…


J pasted the eyes and arranged them.

I didn’t tell him that the egg stand are of different height and he notices it.

Simple fun!

Then we went to play date at caritas.

Science experiment

Kid is also entangled in the flu bug wave. A day good then went back to class and then the next day he was sick again. And finally we decided to bring him to the PD to Check just to be sure that his lungs are cleared. Because the cough was good, clear and bad again.

Even though we actually didn’t hear any “fuzzy” noises on his lungs. Yes, it’s coming from 2 non medically trained person.

Cranky and wanted to be carried everywhere, kinda put me off. Because everytime I carry him, my tummy gets really hard and lower pelvic hurts badly that I can’t really lift my legs.

So I hid inside the bathroom to play with water. Something that I know interest him.

Gave him random bottles that I can find and let him just sit and pour around.

Then he got bored because the pouring got easier and no longer challenging. We did some experiment with acid(vinegar) and alkaline( baking soda).

Made some blue water from the blue pea flowers.

1. Sight test- the colors of the various liquid

2. Smell test- blue water has no smell,

Acid is pungent and alkaline is neutral. (Its baking soda so no smell actually)

3. Taste test- if you are worried then don’t try.

Acid is sour, alkaline is bitter. Water is tasteless.

Then dripping vinegar inside the blue liquid. And observed the color change.then adding baking soda into the red purplish liquid to change the color back to blue again.

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