Learning numbers with cars/car park

Since I’m on leave and I have finished cleaning the house (after my son complaint that the house is dirty), I started to Pinterest. And this car park post came to my feed.

Hah! I have boxes for it!!! And cars! J got a set of hot wheels from our friend in Fra. He is not (yet) a car person so I kept them away from him.

And I started to make him a car park.

The post if anyone is interested. I usually screen shot then KIV them for stay at home activities.

It was fun the first time…. then he quickly realized that he is supposed to learn from it. He finished it half heartedly and asked to do other things.

I will add some doors to it. And see how it goes… the next round.

TH commented: Wah your parking lot is very tight.

Me: yes, that’s why I don’t design parking lots. Hahaha.


The million dollar deal

I don’t think I actually work that much. Or even work when J is home.

One evening, J said: I need to go upstairs to finish some work.

He got upstairs, took a paper and started scribbling.

Me: what are you doing?

J: I’m almost done with my Angebot (proposal in german)

Me: 😩😩😩

This is J’s angebot- Million Dollar project:

Me: finish already???

J: shhh… I’m talking to uncle Volker. ( my boss) –

Me: 😩😫😩

J: ok. I just need to mail it out.

Me: took a floor plan and the concept from my desk and show him. Explaining why he needs a floor plan for planing. And the concept. Etc etc. where to put the machines. Where the piping goes etc.

me to TH: i didn’t work that much… actually.

Guilty. This is how my son sees me in his eyes. And I’m not even a bit of how I used to be before I had him.

Painting with straw

Another Pinterest idea. This homeschooling mom had a book about weather. And using the weather book to relate bad hair days. Windy…. so messy hair etc. pretty cute.

We have leftover colors so I asked him if he wants to do straw painting. (His porridge is not done yet)

Same tools:

Colors and straws of course.

This activity is good for concentration (I feel) and also focusing. Like he needs to understand that the movement of the paint is caused by blowing air into the straw. And how he moves the straw will get different lines.

Left right. Up down… all depends on how he blows it.

After a while. It gets tiring for him I think and he started painting it with the straw itself.

A very good bad weather activity.

The milk experiment

Couldn’t sleep last night so I started Pinterest-ing again for activities for the kid.

He is in this explorers phase where he enjoys color mixing. Or rather he enjoys playing with water basically.

Which I am ok with it because I really prefer water mess than sand mess.

I drawn the blinds so that he don’t wakes up at 6am. Since I cannot sleep so maybe I need that extra 10 mins. And indeed he managed to sleep till 8am.

The first thing he did was ” I want to do experiment”. Which actually sounds better than “mama. i want to watch iPad”

I washed up and then took all the tools for the milk experiment for him.

A palette where he squeezes the colors himself. A pro by now. I still uses food coloring because I haven’t replace finger paint which we used up for painting his car.

Tools: colors, soapy water, a dish with soap.

I have not done this experiment before so I was also curious on what will happen. Like soap is supposed to “catch” the fats from the milk etc. no idea. But the marbling is really pretty thou.


after – I think we did it wrongly. Anyway, When he added the soapy water, the color suddenly appears again. (Top left) not sure if that’s what we should observed.

The explanation: change of surface tension. Soap absorbs the fats of the milk.

I think we shall repeat it again. Need to read up again.

Source: Pinterest simply type milk experiment


Experiment repeated.

The milk is being repel away. Like “magic force” pushed away. Due to Surface tension.

Quite fun.

Neither here nor there

Not sure where to write. Uncertain of Dayre’s future. Till today haven’t got any link to download. (Which I have given up hope).

Some updates about the kid… before I forget his cuteness and how comical he can be when he don’t go haywire.

This is him showing how “angry” face is about. It is for us the “triangle eyes”. I wanted to film him doing different expressions… see when he has the midi to pose for me.

Library run. And also I con TH to get out of the house to go eat sushi.

The Vietnamese restaurant that we frequent, finally open their sushi bar. The owner is a “learnt” sushi chef in some cooking school in Germany. And the pictures looks good!

Weather is sunny. 20C. No complains. Kid insisted on bringing his pink princess trolley out. Ok. And drag it around the library and put the books in.

The granny and granddad were having a good laugh. Because he chose the books if they fits inside it. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ too big. He put the books back. Haha….

So he happily drag the books to the counter for scanning and then put them back into the trolley.

Then we walked to the restaurant for an early lunch. The pai ka walking in front of us. I think he is the only person wearing long sleeves in the whole kampung.

Beer garden weather…

So we sat outside finally…

sushi for 2. The sashimi are like 1cm thick.

Pass the test! Because it’s fresh.

10% off for take away. So you know what is my Monday’s menu when I can’t cook in time after music class. 😬😬😬 evil planning in advance.

The shop lady gave J matcha ice cream as dessert but J wants ice cream from the ice cream shop. So mama and papa got to eat. I wanted mocha ice cream thou.

It’s Kinda funny when you see 3 of us out. One pai ka, one kiddo and one penguin.

3-4more weeks to go. I feel that my bump has dropped. This time round, it’s not big enough to put a plate on top. Even though I do get tooth paste stain on my clothes.

Goodbye sunshine…

Hope to see you soon!


It has been almost 1 month since TH had his hamstring’s operation. And everything went downhill from there. Yeah…. it shouldn’t be complicated or with any complications. But suay suay… he was the “chosen” one. 😩😩😩

Attached a picture of the inside of the knee. So both his lateral collateral ligament are torn (multiple tear) . So bad that dr said that it’s beyond repair, he removed the tear so that they don’t get stuck in the knee cap when he moves. Then he fixed the X (picture below right- in the center of the knee) his anterior crucial ligament. The procedure was taking part of his tendon and screw it to the bone.

Simple as it is and it should be. TH had been having fever for the last 20 days. Before antibiotics the antibiotics kicked in it was over 39C. After 10 days course. It is now hovering around 37.5C.

2. Blood test still shows signs of infection. But his wound/ knee is totally fine.

Took another (3rd) blood sample (19.4) and coming Monday for follow up. Before the dr open up the knee again to clean up and check. Which has obviously more complication.

Then after B & family came over last Saturday (14.4) to say hi to Malcolm. He caught the cold From C. Man baby all over again. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ (please kill me)

Cough and runny nose. He is so easily sick. Which of course he blames his mom for it for being too clean when they were kids.

He is already eating zinc and vit C and don’t know what else I bought from DM. Still can Kenna. Thou TH often says that all these vitamins are actually usually useless and expensive pee. I still need to try isn’t it.

The weather is so good. And he just laid there.

J would probably kill him soon so we went out. After breakfast and cooked lunch. I brought 3 bags of yellow sacks to the recycling center then we spent an hour at the playground before heading home for lunch.

And since this weekend is the last sunny week before the storm comes, I marinated chicken for the grill.

cartoon this boy… lunch was char siew and ABC soup.

Wanna nua and do nothing also cannot. Then SIL is coming over. Bought flight already then say she is coming over. Worst is. 2 days overlapping with my parent’s arrival. Win Liao lor.

I was expecting peace and some ME when J is in Kita. Before my parents come.

So cannot even not do anything now.

Before you jumped into conclusion saying that I’m heartless and no sympathy to my dear Hub. And for better and for worst kinda thing. The thing is, man baby is shit. And TH is the worst of all. I think I would be able to do more after giving birth than him with a cold. And no, I’m not stronger or better. I just don’t believe that if I’m ill/ sick. I should laid in bed and wait for death. Go walk a bit. Fresh air. Shower. Sit in the sun.

It depresses me when I enter the living room and everything is drawn down. I open them, air the room and beg him to eat something for breakfast. Or if he is well enough to go grocery shopping with me. And yes, he has an operation and not some bed ridden *touch wood* illness. He should rest. Rest is relative ok. How much rest? Whole life?

Maybe it’s that bad because I never had a knee op before. Maybe I’m being judge mental. I am helpless. I don’t know what to do to make him feel better and get well soon.

Enough ranting. Tmr is another day.


Me: what do you want to eat with your rice. We have garlic soup(bak ku teh) already. You want broccoli, carrots and eggs?

J: too many food, I cannot finish. Maybe just baby broccoli and 1 carrot.


While buckling him up in his car seat. Our Neighbour drove his red Cabrio out of the garage.

J: mama, why is uncle Sebastian’s car same as papa pig.


On the way home,

Me: what do you want to eat for ur tea? Waffle with Nutella?

J: I have a better idea.

Me: what is it?

J: I will show u when we are home.

He wanted cookie.

TH: J you forgot to kiss me.

J: I will kiss you when I’m back from school.

What a day

Same thing everyday… wanted to go to do grocery then drove home instead coz no mood.

Clean bedroom, air. Started the robot cleaner. Prepare for dinner. Started the dish washer.

TH didn’t want to eat so I left him alone and went upstairs. Pissed off coz he wanted porridge and then he didn’t finished it. Yes he is still unwell. I should be more patience. Still. Wasting food is no go.

I worked of course for a few hours before I need to chauffeur him for his check up.

His blood test is back. The values are super high. Signs of infection. So we need to go to Munich for check up because there aren’t any signs of infection and yet he is still having fever.

removing the staples…. the guy is embarrassing man. Kept saying that it’s painful. Even the nurse is scared. She said probably it’s infected thus more sensitive. Haha.

Anyway he has MC till nx Friday. 20.4.18. I told him maybe he can extend it till the baby arrive.

After that we had lunch. Some hippy place as TH calls it.

9€ for my salad with prawns and avocado. So terrible and horrible to eat. TH had baked potatoes which is 4€ and tasted ok. He misses USA.

I took this picture for J coz it was sitting behind me in the clinic. 😬😬😬 he thought we bought a Skeleton for him. 😷

TH’s bosses got worried coz he has been having fever for a week now. And since most of them used to medical dr. They asked when he had fever, day or night etc.

hmm… wonder what is the reason.

Monday blues

P.S after so many months, i finally found out that i had to approve comments. And found where to read comments. Thus, the sudden reply of comments.


Officially “jobless” nah on maternity leave. But still clearing work. So not very effective working to be exact.

Dropped kid. Came home, check on TH. Fed myself. Work a bit. Then went for gynea check up. Waited like 1h+ for my turn. Terrible clinic. So hungry.

Doing CTG. And today with company. He had to clock his “i am presence” good points.

Lost weight. I was like 500g heavier on Friday. Weight gain 4.5kg.

Anyway dr said it’s ok. Kid is almost 2kg which is how heavy he should be. Growth are all normal. Not too small or big.

He said my tummy is hard (stress) ask me to bedrest, take magnesium and less walking. So that i don’t start having contraction. Hai. I also wish I can. We already have a bed rest one at home. If both of us bedrest. Then J can walk to school himself. Ahahah…

Had viet for lunch again because it’s just next door. And we are tooooo hungry to think of where to eat.

On the way to the car park. We went to talk to housing agent. Because a plot of land is going to be developed here. And the company got the bid so went to check it out before we are toooo late.

Pick kid from school. Fed him then took bus back to town for music class. And while kid was in class, I went to collect a parcel.

I’m not even famous. This is super sweet and touching.

It’s from a fellow dayrean who is also in Germany. She sent me a care package with lots of cool things.

J unpacked it and started eating the fruit pouches.

Thank you Zoey. Thank you for your friendship.

And we opened another parcel sent from Singapore.

the content inside definitely cost less than the postage. Kinda heart pain for the company/ the person who organized it.

It was from prima Taste.

A contest on IG where I joined because no one joined. And I told my fellow sgian friends (singish chat group) that I will share the hamper with them. Because the prize written or rather published was like this big huge hamper and not just 4 packs of stuffs. And no laksa. 😫😒😒😒

Just my opinion: I feel that the marketing team is very silly. If they are already using social media to promote, they should send their latest products etc. and asking to post about how we plan to cook with their products.

since going to pay for postage anyway so why not drop in the request of posting reviews on IG. I am NO influencer but I would put in effort to write a review etc too.

I sent them the picture and they commented. “That’s it?”

“WTF? Why so bo Liao. Why so kiam siap?”

I offered them if they want anything because I know i won’t use them. The one thing I hate about prima Taste is their sambal.

B replied “oh the sambal is not nice. For Ang moh one. Sweet”

So bad that nobody is fight for the content.

I know I should expect anything big or fancy because it is indeed a free gift.

It’s kind of heartless. No note inside. Just a few sample “NOT FOR SALE/ SAMPLE”

Until these kakis told me to check the expiry date too.

Prima Taste should have given me a voucher at least I can use it to buy laksa. Hehe.

After dinner, we went to check out the local hospital. Which is less than 10 mins drive. The delivery rooms are depressing. Like old. But don’t care la. They said that they will take me as long as my GD is under control. So okay! I’m coming!!! Just wanna pop and go home. And it’s so much easier for TH, if he can drive. If not, my dad can drive over too.

Going to call in to make appointment for the registration then see what the hospital say.

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