Screaming for attention

Maybe because Ju is 3.5 yo when the brother arrives. I think he is still mild and still controllable and of course because my parents are here too. 4 more hands to help and to entertain him.

He greets and kisses his brother every day when he is home from school.

The part where I go crazy is that he screams and screams for attention especially when I am changing diaper. I mean I understand that he had that 101% attention for the last 3.5 years. It’s normal. But the noise and crying when I don’t appear in front of him is killing me. Very Fan Ren you know.

He has to learn. So I told him. He can scream, shout and cry. It will just make me come slower: explained daily to him that his brother can walk, eat or go pee pee independently. So he needs to let me help him first.

Let’s see how it goes.

We are flying off to the Red Sea for a week. Then for 2 months back home.

Sometime I feel better alone. My mom kept nagging and one crying for milk another one screaming for attention and it really drives me up the wall.


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