Last day of confinement

My half ass (humouring my mom kinda) confinement is finally over. I ate all the food she cooked this time. Even though I don’t like eating the chicken wine thing, pig stomach and pig trottle vinegar. I ate all of them this time and the massive amount of ginger. Thankfully, jo didn’t (touch wood) get jaundice (which ginger seems to be the cause- no scientific research)

Weight lost seems to be the most concern thing for most preggers. Envy or not … weight gain was 6kg+, gave birth at week 38. Post preggy weight = pre preggy weight.

After 4 weeks, I shed an extra kg.

Envy? Don’t. Because when you have 2 kids. U have no peace to eat. And also chasing a toddler and cooing the other… oh…. that’s better than Marie franc. Even though I’m not a billionaire’s daughter (ahem) no personal trainer or slimming center. I’m skinnier than before and I’m above 30. Just that I’m no hot mom. Lol.

2 kids is no joke. I’m still in honeymoon because my parents are here. My dad will help do laundry, throw trashes. Took them a while to learn how to separate trash. He also drove to pick J up. So it’s really wonderful. Le Hub on the other side is chilling. At night he will read to the older one while I bf Jo. Tandem sleeping. So both aren’t disturb by their cries.

Counting down to the last few weeks before they depart. Damn scary.

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