The official EDD

I’m supposed to give birth today and I didn’t. Oh well. 2 more weeks to go and I’m finished with confinement.

Sometime last week I check my weight. Back to pre- pregnancy weight. Which wasn’t a big deal since I didn’t even gain much. Tummy is back in. Still flabby but I think it’s probably due to the junk I’m eating. Those chocolate cookies and chocolate that i didn’t eat during pregnancy.

Obviously doing confinement is just to make my mom happy. I showered daily just not washing the hair. Which I did before I discharge. And no matter how much dry shampoo I’m using. It’s still GROSS. But I’m trying my best.

It’s not jail time so the little one has out for grocery shopping. I have been doing school runs. So it’s not that bad.

(No photos because WP storage is full 😦 and I’m too cheap to pay. Posted pictures on IG, if you are interested)

Long weekend for us. And the weather is stormy. Yesterday’s afternoon, made my parents bring J out to the playground.

So I was home alone with TH and the baby.

Finally some couple time in private. Oh yes privacy please…

We had dinner first. And so TH shared about his work and restructuring etc. his next few years plan. Parental leave etc. it seems like ages since we last talk.

He has a Cambridge trip before we go on holiday. Which I told him to go and stay longer. He needs a break too.

Then we will go Egypt. Then he has another work trip before my parents depart.

Living alone overseas for so long has made both of us very “anal” on certain stuffs. Other than toilet. It’s the kitchen.

My mom literally took the kitchen over and it took her a long time to get used to separating trash. Organic, recyclable, waste waste and paper.

The first few days after I was discharged, TH complaint. Your mom don’t listened anymore. No negotiation.

“Why stress me”

My neighbours (actually only one) are particular if we separate waste or not. Yes she pop her heads inside the waste bin.

Anyway explained to my mom the next few days. And finally she got the hang of it. Conflict 1 resolved.

Conflict 2 is that my mom cooks with full power. No. 9 heat. TH told her no need to cook at 9. After it boils turn down to 5 or 6. Mom likes to argue. And said no taste.

And then TH said now I understand why you are irritated after I cook.

The kitchen is not meant for Asian cooking.

I just hope my mom don’t damaged any thing because the kitchen comes with the house.

So during the weekends, TH cooks. So they can rest. And my dad can eat pasta and all.

Lucky for dishwasher or else I think the kitchen might be flooded.

I explained to TH. He must understand that my mom don’t do housework anymore. And they belong to the era that don’t listen. Just like his parents.

I think after that he was ok. And that my mom got better with the trash. 🙂


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