Plan B

I was planning that we head up to Berlin/ Leipzig during the long weekend.

After the Maifest in J’s kindergarten, the school is closed on Monday for team coaching again. My plan was that we do a card for TH. As it’s the german’s father day. Then for music class in the afternoon.

Since Saturday, I started to have discharged. Dark ones which is totally normal after 37 weeks according to dr google. Like the body is getting ready for birth.

We were in Chiemsee on Saturday and Sunday was Maidult( shops are open).

Monday around 4ish in the morning, a bigger piece of discharge came out. Brownish like which i suspect is some part before the mucus plug.

I packed some activities for J, packed his snack bag, cooked rice. And went back to sleep.

After the boys woke up, we including my SIL, we went for breakfast. No white sausages thus we shared the breakfast set for 2 among the 4 of us.

Then home to nap, lunch then music class. I started to have Braxton Hicks. Which is obviously normal.

Then after music class, we had early dinner at the Vietnamese place. J had pho which was then shared among the 3 of us. Then we ordered a big sushi set.

Contraction starts. Called the hospital and they said come in when it’s 3-5 mins apart.

According to our last birth, it’s probably going to take place the next morning. So no stress at all.

Got home, showered. J played. Around 7ish contractions started to be every 10 mins already.

So made J sleep and told him that maybe I need to go to the hospital and he will stay home with the auntie.

At first he was ok with it. Then no.

Suddenly the contractions lasted for a minute or so. But every 10 mins apart. And TH asked if I was already pushing?

And by 9ish. It’s suddenly 5 mins or so. So woke TH up and told him to let his sister knows.

The min I climbed out of bed. J was awake too. And started crying so we packed him along and my SIL.

Drove out of the garage at 10pm. Arrived at the hospital with my entourage outside the delivery suit at 1015. Midwife checked. Told TH to fast go settle administration. And she also called the admission to kick start the registration. The midwife on duty came and said Let’s start pushing. And burst my water bag.

WHAT??!!! 😱 TH isn’t even up yet.

Contractions came… again. Push.

How much dilated am I?

Full 10 cm!!!!

3 bloody pushes and the head isn’t even through.

The pain is terrible. No kidding. I wanted to ask them to cut and pull out.

Finally TH is up. And asked if I have ordered for epidural. Midwife said not possible. By the time the dr is here. The baby would be out. 😮😲😲

Another push, the midwife called the gynea on duty to come. And push. The head is out. And 3 of them started laughing. Apparently, baby was mumbling something.

I’m in pain. Terrible pain and yet they are having pleasure.

Another wave of contraction and shoulder is out. And then the legs.

My legs were numb. I’m in tears basically. Coz it’s really painful. Trying to recalled what happened. I had to push again for the placenta to come out.

1036 pm. Everything was history.

TH clipped the umbilical cord. Then he went to take my phone from my bag. He left his at home. I didn’t even had chance to msg my sisters that I’m in hospital or get ready to push. It just happened suddenly.

After the placenta is out and that everything is checked and intact. J is allowed to come in.

Then I need to stay in the room for a few hours. So I made J sleep beside me while TH carried the baby.

Finally at 2am, the room is ready and I’m being pushed to the room. No single room or family room thus I told TH to bring J and my SIL home. And got him to sleep before picking up my parents up at 7am from the airport.


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