Last week of April

Enjoying my last week with TH before he goes back to work on Wednesday. We have been eating out awfully a lot. Spending a lot of money on food. No holiday so I guess food heals the soul. (Self consolation) Wanted to go on a long weekend trip when parents are here. See how it goes… need to book those refundable hotel I guess in case I need to push.

Our Mannheim friend came by on Saturday for a test drive. Sold the old campervan and bought a newer one. So wanted to test it before they go on a month long road trip in summer. Just to make sure that the car is working well, the beds are ok etc etc.

It was J’s dream when he saw that car! He wanted to go camping with fire. It’s 100€ per night for rental. Which is ok. Coz hotel would be around that price too.

There is 4 beds inside. 1 double and 2 single.

Instead of sleeping in the house they parked outside at our parking lot and try sleeping. Hahaa…. the mattress is not good. So they are getting a new one.

Life is different with 2 children. We had rainbow muffin for tea then Spargel for dinner on Saturday. Sunday morning we went for breakfast at the bakery. (Because of the playground of course) Then I managed to ask them question regarding insurance etc. and TH is super interested with the campervan of course. After 2h of peace eating breakfast without the boys, we went for a short walk then home for lunch. TH made char siew rice. And after that lunch, they left so that the kids can nap in the car. Kinda cool. I think it’s more practical than a caravan. At least less stress with towing another long object. Let’s see when we will go camping with it. Pregnancy update: had my 2 sessions of acupuncture, weight gain less than 6kg. Baby is about 2.5kg which is 30 percentile, which is ok la. I don’t think I can produce a 4kg baby anyway.

After J’s nap. We went to the mosque down the road for their open house. Have you been to a mosque for a tour? I’m not saying blue mosque in Istanbul or tourist spot. Anyway we went. Pretty interesting. Proper explanations. The cleaning, The rituals. The prayers etc.

Pretty eye opening for me at least.

Monday was checking another butchery if they sells pig stomach. Oh god, the butcher said he can keep it for me. They usually throw them away. So I ordered one for next week. And I don’t even eat them.

Came home, cooked, fed kid. Nap then we went music class.

After class TH came to meet us for ice cream and walk in the park. Where he went to get the car and then drove home because he can’t remember of he off the stove. Drove back again and picked us and we had dinner.

Time flies. 2 weeks + to go and we will be 4.

Finally took up J’s old stuffs for washing. Won’t be buying anything new. Let’s see how bad the summer will be. NB has to wear long sleeves anyway.

Happy May Day everyone! 🙂


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