Learning numbers with cars/car park

Since I’m on leave and I have finished cleaning the house (after my son complaint that the house is dirty), I started to Pinterest. And this car park post came to my feed.

Hah! I have boxes for it!!! And cars! J got a set of hot wheels from our friend in Fra. He is not (yet) a car person so I kept them away from him.

And I started to make him a car park.

The post if anyone is interested. I usually screen shot then KIV them for stay at home activities.

It was fun the first time…. then he quickly realized that he is supposed to learn from it. He finished it half heartedly and asked to do other things.

I will add some doors to it. And see how it goes… the next round.

TH commented: Wah your parking lot is very tight.

Me: yes, that’s why I don’t design parking lots. Hahaha.


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