The milk experiment

Couldn’t sleep last night so I started Pinterest-ing again for activities for the kid.

He is in this explorers phase where he enjoys color mixing. Or rather he enjoys playing with water basically.

Which I am ok with it because I really prefer water mess than sand mess.

I drawn the blinds so that he don’t wakes up at 6am. Since I cannot sleep so maybe I need that extra 10 mins. And indeed he managed to sleep till 8am.

The first thing he did was ” I want to do experiment”. Which actually sounds better than “mama. i want to watch iPad”

I washed up and then took all the tools for the milk experiment for him.

A palette where he squeezes the colors himself. A pro by now. I still uses food coloring because I haven’t replace finger paint which we used up for painting his car.

Tools: colors, soapy water, a dish with soap.

I have not done this experiment before so I was also curious on what will happen. Like soap is supposed to “catch” the fats from the milk etc. no idea. But the marbling is really pretty thou.


after – I think we did it wrongly. Anyway, When he added the soapy water, the color suddenly appears again. (Top left) not sure if that’s what we should observed.

The explanation: change of surface tension. Soap absorbs the fats of the milk.

I think we shall repeat it again. Need to read up again.

Source: Pinterest simply type milk experiment


Experiment repeated.

The milk is being repel away. Like “magic force” pushed away. Due to Surface tension.

Quite fun.


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