Neither here nor there

Not sure where to write. Uncertain of Dayre’s future. Till today haven’t got any link to download. (Which I have given up hope).

Some updates about the kid… before I forget his cuteness and how comical he can be when he don’t go haywire.

This is him showing how “angry” face is about. It is for us the “triangle eyes”. I wanted to film him doing different expressions… see when he has the midi to pose for me.

Library run. And also I con TH to get out of the house to go eat sushi.

The Vietnamese restaurant that we frequent, finally open their sushi bar. The owner is a “learnt” sushi chef in some cooking school in Germany. And the pictures looks good!

Weather is sunny. 20C. No complains. Kid insisted on bringing his pink princess trolley out. Ok. And drag it around the library and put the books in.

The granny and granddad were having a good laugh. Because he chose the books if they fits inside it. 😂😂😂 too big. He put the books back. Haha….

So he happily drag the books to the counter for scanning and then put them back into the trolley.

Then we walked to the restaurant for an early lunch. The pai ka walking in front of us. I think he is the only person wearing long sleeves in the whole kampung.

Beer garden weather…

So we sat outside finally…

sushi for 2. The sashimi are like 1cm thick.

Pass the test! Because it’s fresh.

10% off for take away. So you know what is my Monday’s menu when I can’t cook in time after music class. 😬😬😬 evil planning in advance.

The shop lady gave J matcha ice cream as dessert but J wants ice cream from the ice cream shop. So mama and papa got to eat. I wanted mocha ice cream thou.

It’s Kinda funny when you see 3 of us out. One pai ka, one kiddo and one penguin.

3-4more weeks to go. I feel that my bump has dropped. This time round, it’s not big enough to put a plate on top. Even though I do get tooth paste stain on my clothes.

Goodbye sunshine…

Hope to see you soon!


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