It has been almost 1 month since TH had his hamstring’s operation. And everything went downhill from there. Yeah…. it shouldn’t be complicated or with any complications. But suay suay… he was the “chosen” one. 😩😩😩

Attached a picture of the inside of the knee. So both his lateral collateral ligament are torn (multiple tear) . So bad that dr said that it’s beyond repair, he removed the tear so that they don’t get stuck in the knee cap when he moves. Then he fixed the X (picture below right- in the center of the knee) his anterior crucial ligament. The procedure was taking part of his tendon and screw it to the bone.

Simple as it is and it should be. TH had been having fever for the last 20 days. Before antibiotics the antibiotics kicked in it was over 39C. After 10 days course. It is now hovering around 37.5C.

2. Blood test still shows signs of infection. But his wound/ knee is totally fine.

Took another (3rd) blood sample (19.4) and coming Monday for follow up. Before the dr open up the knee again to clean up and check. Which has obviously more complication.

Then after B & family came over last Saturday (14.4) to say hi to Malcolm. He caught the cold From C. Man baby all over again. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ (please kill me)

Cough and runny nose. He is so easily sick. Which of course he blames his mom for it for being too clean when they were kids.

He is already eating zinc and vit C and don’t know what else I bought from DM. Still can Kenna. Thou TH often says that all these vitamins are actually usually useless and expensive pee. I still need to try isn’t it.

The weather is so good. And he just laid there.

J would probably kill him soon so we went out. After breakfast and cooked lunch. I brought 3 bags of yellow sacks to the recycling center then we spent an hour at the playground before heading home for lunch.

And since this weekend is the last sunny week before the storm comes, I marinated chicken for the grill.

cartoon this boy… lunch was char siew and ABC soup.

Wanna nua and do nothing also cannot. Then SIL is coming over. Bought flight already then say she is coming over. Worst is. 2 days overlapping with my parent’s arrival. Win Liao lor.

I was expecting peace and some ME when J is in Kita. Before my parents come.

So cannot even not do anything now.

Before you jumped into conclusion saying that I’m heartless and no sympathy to my dear Hub. And for better and for worst kinda thing. The thing is, man baby is shit. And TH is the worst of all. I think I would be able to do more after giving birth than him with a cold. And no, I’m not stronger or better. I just don’t believe that if I’m ill/ sick. I should laid in bed and wait for death. Go walk a bit. Fresh air. Shower. Sit in the sun.

It depresses me when I enter the living room and everything is drawn down. I open them, air the room and beg him to eat something for breakfast. Or if he is well enough to go grocery shopping with me. And yes, he has an operation and not some bed ridden *touch wood* illness. He should rest. Rest is relative ok. How much rest? Whole life?

Maybe it’s that bad because I never had a knee op before. Maybe I’m being judge mental. I am helpless. I don’t know what to do to make him feel better and get well soon.

Enough ranting. Tmr is another day.


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