What a day

Same thing everyday… wanted to go to do grocery then drove home instead coz no mood.

Clean bedroom, air. Started the robot cleaner. Prepare for dinner. Started the dish washer.

TH didn’t want to eat so I left him alone and went upstairs. Pissed off coz he wanted porridge and then he didn’t finished it. Yes he is still unwell. I should be more patience. Still. Wasting food is no go.

I worked of course for a few hours before I need to chauffeur him for his check up.

His blood test is back. The values are super high. Signs of infection. So we need to go to Munich for check up because there aren’t any signs of infection and yet he is still having fever.

removing the staples…. the guy is embarrassing man. Kept saying that it’s painful. Even the nurse is scared. She said probably it’s infected thus more sensitive. Haha.

Anyway he has MC till nx Friday. 20.4.18. I told him maybe he can extend it till the baby arrive.

After that we had lunch. Some hippy place as TH calls it.

9€ for my salad with prawns and avocado. So terrible and horrible to eat. TH had baked potatoes which is 4€ and tasted ok. He misses USA.

I took this picture for J coz it was sitting behind me in the clinic. 😬😬😬 he thought we bought a Skeleton for him. 😷

TH’s bosses got worried coz he has been having fever for a week now. And since most of them used to medical dr. They asked when he had fever, day or night etc.

hmm… wonder what is the reason.


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