Monday blues

P.S after so many months, i finally found out that i had to approve comments. And found where to read comments. Thus, the sudden reply of comments.


Officially “jobless” nah on maternity leave. But still clearing work. So not very effective working to be exact.

Dropped kid. Came home, check on TH. Fed myself. Work a bit. Then went for gynea check up. Waited like 1h+ for my turn. Terrible clinic. So hungry.

Doing CTG. And today with company. He had to clock his “i am presence” good points.

Lost weight. I was like 500g heavier on Friday. Weight gain 4.5kg.

Anyway dr said it’s ok. Kid is almost 2kg which is how heavy he should be. Growth are all normal. Not too small or big.

He said my tummy is hard (stress) ask me to bedrest, take magnesium and less walking. So that i don’t start having contraction. Hai. I also wish I can. We already have a bed rest one at home. If both of us bedrest. Then J can walk to school himself. Ahahah…

Had viet for lunch again because it’s just next door. And we are tooooo hungry to think of where to eat.

On the way to the car park. We went to talk to housing agent. Because a plot of land is going to be developed here. And the company got the bid so went to check it out before we are toooo late.

Pick kid from school. Fed him then took bus back to town for music class. And while kid was in class, I went to collect a parcel.

I’m not even famous. This is super sweet and touching.

It’s from a fellow dayrean who is also in Germany. She sent me a care package with lots of cool things.

J unpacked it and started eating the fruit pouches.

Thank you Zoey. Thank you for your friendship.

And we opened another parcel sent from Singapore.

the content inside definitely cost less than the postage. Kinda heart pain for the company/ the person who organized it.

It was from prima Taste.

A contest on IG where I joined because no one joined. And I told my fellow sgian friends (singish chat group) that I will share the hamper with them. Because the prize written or rather published was like this big huge hamper and not just 4 packs of stuffs. And no laksa. 😫😢😢😢

Just my opinion: I feel that the marketing team is very silly. If they are already using social media to promote, they should send their latest products etc. and asking to post about how we plan to cook with their products.

since going to pay for postage anyway so why not drop in the request of posting reviews on IG. I am NO influencer but I would put in effort to write a review etc too.

I sent them the picture and they commented. “That’s it?”

“WTF? Why so bo Liao. Why so kiam siap?”

I offered them if they want anything because I know i won’t use them. The one thing I hate about prima Taste is their sambal.

B replied “oh the sambal is not nice. For Ang moh one. Sweet”

So bad that nobody is fight for the content.

I know I should expect anything big or fancy because it is indeed a free gift.

It’s kind of heartless. No note inside. Just a few sample “NOT FOR SALE/ SAMPLE”

Until these kakis told me to check the expiry date too.

Prima Taste should have given me a voucher at least I can use it to buy laksa. Hehe.

After dinner, we went to check out the local hospital. Which is less than 10 mins drive. The delivery rooms are depressing. Like old. But don’t care la. They said that they will take me as long as my GD is under control. So okay! I’m coming!!! Just wanna pop and go home. And it’s so much easier for TH, if he can drive. If not, my dad can drive over too.

Going to call in to make appointment for the registration then see what the hospital say.


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