The weekend

The weather has been kind and wonderful the last few days. TH is still running fever. The antibiotics isn’t helping and so… it’s not bacteria infection.

His appetite isn’t good also. But the kid one is super good!

We were home most of them time. Kid and I will play outside.

I managed to clear the shoes cupboard(my old pax is converted to a shoes cupboard. Yes. We have a lot of shoes. Mainly me but TH and J are also catching up)

Finally donated my old shoes and TH. Over 10 years already. And my old timberlands. (Since uni) and I really don’t wear them anymore. They are all in good conditions.

Quickly put them in a big trash bag before I take them out again and put back into the shelves.

😬😬😬 I have problem when it comes to parting with things.

Then I cleared the drawers of “food” and “snacks” too.

Packed the low boards too.

Now it’s left with sorting no. 2 clothes.

Kid woke up at 650 AM. I was already awake and I thought he was dreaming because he asked for noodles the first thing when he opened his eyes and said “I am hungry” 😅

So we both went out to cook and soon TH was also woken up.

He wanted to have breakfast outside so after the kid is fed, we went out for breakfast.

No pictures because I left my phone at home. We came back around 11am because kid would surely nap earlier today. Which he did.

While he slept, I cooked chicken rice for dinner. Used the leftover chicken broth to make herbal soup.

Lazy and not sure what to cook.

Kid woke up. And he had his tea break which was last night’s chiffon cake. Then play outside again. Because I need to bring the bags of shoes and old clothes down into the car.

TH’s stomach was unwell so I bought yakult for him.

And at first J didn’t like the taste. After a second try he likes it. And it’s super funny to hear the both of them discussing how much each gets to drink.

Me: brought TH a bottle of yakult.

TH: drank slowly.

J: mama, my tummy also pain, can I drink?

Me: do u want a new bottle? (TH offered half of his)

J took the half. And asked for another one.

Gave him one.

TH asked him back for a sip.

TH: can have try? Just a little bit.

J: ok. Only a little bit.


(It probably won’t be funny when it’s homework)

And that ends our weekend!

How was yours ? Hopefully more exciting.


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